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Visualizing Rubrics K
Comprehension Strategies for K-2
by Michele Polselli

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Visualizing Rubrics K
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Hot Air Balloon

Bunch of Balloons

One Balloon

Evaluation Wow, Exceptional!! Youíve Got It! Not Yet!
Verbal Presentation The Picture is presented and the Letter Name and sound of the Letter is represented.
No teacher prompts are needed. Full sentences are read independently and the child is aware of who their audience is.
The picture is presented well and the Letter Name and sound is represented. Teacher prompts are present and questions are answered. After January, the student will read their sentence independently. The Kid Writing Bag is present; however the student is unsure of the reason why the picture is presented. The student doesnít know the Letter name.
Information The student has some additional information about the picture/pictures. The student expands more upon what their picture/pictures represent. Information gathered from other sources is evident. General details about the picture and one word descriptions about the picture are evident. The information about the picture is jumbled and disconnected. The student isnít sure of why they drew their picture. The student isnít sure of the Letter name
Graphics Student went beyond requirements and supplied more than one graphic and sentence to represent the Letter of the Week. The student presents 1 picture to represent the Letter of the week. The picture was missing the graphic which represents the Letter of the Week.
Kid Writing The child wrote their sentence independently, without any adult writing. Proper punctuation (capitals and periods) and spelling are present along with upper and lower case letters properly placed. One adult written sentence is present in the picture. Punctuation and proper placement of upper and lower case letters is not developed as of yet. After January, 1(one) Kid Written sentence must be evident No Adult or Kid Writing is evident in their presentation

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